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The Rolex Submariner is a legend, and just as any other Rolex model, it represents the foundation of the modern luxury watch: it is practical, fashionable and distinctively attractive. Over the years it has become a real symbol of success, power and style. Everyone wants it. Any man with the smallest fashion sense desires to wear a Rolex Submariner on his hand. For all these reasons, nowadays, the Submariner is surely one of the most popular Rolex designs, a perennial motif of beauty and adventurous spirit.

I have many different versions of the Rolex Submariner, but out of all my fake Submariners, the one with black dial, black bezel and stainless steel case is my favorite. For me, it is the iconic Rolex Submariner, and any other variations are just a way of indulging those who do not know how to appreciate the pure beauty of the classic Rolex designs, designs that are a part of the world’s horological legacy. The Rolex Sumariner replica with black dial is also one of the most accurate imitations I own.

imitation submariner watch

The Rolex Submariner dial is famous for its simple and distinctive design. It has very little functions and embellishments. Its core beauty lies in the fact that it is flawless. A good Submariner replica should never ever have any defects, not even the tiniest ones. This one doesn’t, as far as I can tell. As you can see from the pictures, there are no scratches, smudges, discolorations or writing flaws. It looks perfect. The dial is nicely colored with a smooth black coating, the Rolex crown logo is positioned correctly under the 12 o’clock marker, the lettering is legible, the hour markers are clean and beautifully outlined by silvery margins, the hands are covered by luminor so they glow in the dark, and the date window has the correct 2.5X magnifying lens.

At the outside of the dial, there is a clean and sleek rotating black bezel with a white luminescent dot placed over the iconic 12 o’clock silver triangle. Also, the bezel of this Rolex Submariner replica has the correct number of clicks: when you rotate it for a complete turn it makes 120 clicks. And, yes, it rotates only in one direction.

Another important part of this fake Submariner is the very good quality of the stainless steel. The case, the winding crown and the band are all made from solid stainless steel. This and the automatic movement make the watch feel very heavy. I like this because a Rolex replica needs to be heavy on your wrist in order to feel like you are wearing the real deal.

If you don’t already have a Rolex Submariner with black dial and stainless steel case in your collection then I highly advise you to get one quick. It is a must. It is the piece that every watch passionate person should have so he can fully understand the beauty of luxury watches.

Author: Adam

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