Diamonds Datejust Folex

The silver Rolex Datejust with diamonds markers and its two rows of diamonds on the bezel is a superbly designed watch. For me it is the definition of elegance. I have always wanted this model and dreamed of wearing it. Sadly, its price is a lot more over my budget. This is why I had to settle with a replica instead of the original one, but I honestly do not regret it…not even a little bit.

This imitation of the silver Rolex Datejust is impressive from all point of views. It keeps great time and it looks just like the real thing. Just take a look at this perfectly replicated dial. The texture of the silver face is flawless and it shines so elegantly under bright light. The diamond markers are made of cubic zirconium and have the same look as real diamonds while the small white dots serve as glow in the dark indexes to improve night visibility. Around the inside of the dial there is engraved the well-known authenticity marking: the recurrent Rolex word while above the face of the watch there is the classic sapphire crystal laser etched with the Rolex crown logo.  Everything is carefully replicated and crafted as to perfectly imitate the original design.


My favorite part is the diamonds bezel. The two rows of cubic zirconium are flawlessly sized and positioned as to complete the whole symmetry of this watch with a delightful touch of luxury.   It is more than obvious that this is a statement watch, an accessory that can’t go unnoticed. Precisely for this, the case and band are fully polished, enhancing its shiny look. I have worn it for a couple of months now and, still, it hasn’t scratched or discolored. The stainless steel looks impeccable, almost like new.

Most replicas do not clone correctly the clasp of the Datejust jubilee bracelet. The Rolex Jubilee bracelet is a five-piece links band with a hidden clasp. The whole band looks like a refined bracelet and the only visible part of the clasp is a little Rolex crown. This small crown piece is the part you pull out to open the clasp. My replica respects the original model by having a perfect jubilee 5 piece bracelet and hidden lock.

The Rolex Datejust silver diamonds dial I have is a great replica that tells time correctly and looks very authentic. I am very happy with it and, most important, I am convinced that if you choose wisely you can get a genuine looking knockoff at a pretty convenient price.

Author: Adam

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