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The Rolex Air-King is truly a fine timepiece worthy to be worn only by the most important people out there. It is the simplest and most elegant design that Rolex has ever made. For all these aesthetic reasons it is the watch that appeals to me the most. I like that it doesn’t  have any day and date functions allowing you to  focus only on its core beauty instead of  on useless complications. It is everything I love in a luxury watch, everything a timepiece is supposed to be: functional, elegant and simple.

Because of its basic design, it is a model that it is quite easy to replicate. Lacking any complex aesthetic embellishments, complicated functions or unique markings makes it quite an easy target for replica manufacturers. So I knew from the start that getting an exact copy of this Rolex Air-King watch wasn’t going to be such a difficult task, and I was right to think so. This is a very useful advice for you as well: as long as you buy it from a reputable merchant and you study the pictures from the website closely and compare them to the ones of the original design, you can’t go wrong.

fake air king

As you can see from the photos, this replica Rolex Air King is flawless. The dial is exactly like the one of the original watch: it has the brushed silver dial with the thin and long metallic hour markers doubled by the outer ring of seconds indexes shaped as significantly smaller lines. In the center of the dial there are the “ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Air-King” and the “Precison” black printed markings completed by a considerably large silvery Rolex crown logo placed at the 12 o’clock position. Above this perfectly designed dial there are the three metallic hands that sweep smoothly echoing the exactness of the inside automatic mechanism.

To enclose the simplicity and perfection of the silver Rolex Air King dial there lays the resistant and shiny sapphire crystal laser etched at 6 o’clock with the small Rolex crown. The bezel is plain without any type of motifs printed on its surface. It completes the overall refined look of this beautiful Rolex replica. The case is forged from a solid 440 stainless steel which feels very durable and heavy. The winding crown is made from the same type of steel and bears the small Rolex crown logo on its outer side. Also, the winding crown is easy to use for setting the time on the watch. It screws out and in very easily.

The band of this Air King replica is made from 440 full solid stainless steel; thus making the whole watch feel very sturdy and heavy. Still, it manages to feel naturally comfortable on the wrist and it has an extra shine that I just adore. The very important detail that makes the band look very authentic is the fact that the links are connected by threaded screws.

As far as the movement goes, this imitation Rolex watch is unexpectedly good. Its case embodies a Japanese Myiota mechanism that until now has proven to be quite accurate and reliable. As long as you wind it properly, this replica will probably never let you down. Its time keeping capabilities are definitely over its price.

Even though it is just a couple hundred dollars, this imitation Air King has all the correct authenticity markings and could fool anyone. It has the Rolex laser etched crown on the surface of the crystal, the ROLEX word printed all around the inside of the dial, the serial number between the lugs, on the inside of the band, and also the Rolex logo etched on the clasp.

I honestly believe that spending around $200 on a well-made replica is a wiser decision than paying $9000 on the original watch, and I don’t care how much money you have. If you can get a timepiece that looks and works the same then why not save a couple thousand dollars?

Author: Adam

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  1. I need this watch how do I buy it?

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  2. Hi Watchman. I always cahnge them but I do have my favorites too so this way you don’t get too much wear and tear on one watch alone. Good quality will last you in time that’s the main idea. Otherwise, keep them in a dry place and wear them consciously because no matter how you look at it they’re not as solid as the originals.Thanks,James

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