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One of the most recognizable sport watches in the world is the Rolex GMT-Master II. The version with the pepsi cola bezel is the most popular one, a timeless classic that has enchanted the entire watch world. This elegant color mix represents its pure charm, a well dozed blend between classy and emphatic. You simply cannot resist to the uncontrollable desire of having one, or at least this is how I feel about the Rolex GMT-Master II with black dial, blue and red bezel, all stainless steel.

Rolex GMT Replica

Ok, so there is no secret that I love it. I adore this absolute Rolex masterpiece, just as I adore so many other perfectly designed luxury watches. I am clearly a very passionate watch collector, but I am also a very wise person when it comes to spending my savings. This is precisely why I decided that I must have this watch, actually, a replica of it. Replicas of classic Rolex models are a sure bet as over the years, replica companies have perfected their work and the fake watches they sell are very similar to the original designs. So I went through with my order and after a week or so, my beautiful Rolex GMT-Master II arrived.

I must admit, I was a little bit nervous to open it, but as you can see from the photos the Rolex GMT Master II replica watch is perfect. It has the elegant and typical Rolex dial with the clean black coating, the pure white hour markers, the 2.5X Cyclops lens, the ROLEX word engraved all around the silvery part at the inside of the dial, the small Rolex crown laser etched in the crystal and the red second time zone hand.

You have surely noticed the beautiful glossy shine of the blue and red bezel, and the clean transparency of the sapphire crystal. And, of course, as any decent replica, it is made of full solid stainless steel. It is a pretty sturdy and heavy watch. This and the automatic mechanism are what make this GMT replica watch feel durable and authentic.

So far, the watch has been working great. It didn’t quit while wearing it and I didn’t have to reset it that often. It is a Rolex replica that has a pretty good movement, one that can actually tell the time correctly.

Now, that I have finally got my hands on one of my dream watches, the Rolex GMT Master II, I am happy to once again say that buying a replica watch does pay off. I have an insanely beautiful watch that I absolutely adore and that works very well. It looks and feels authentic and that is all that matters!

Author: Adam

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