Green GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT Master II with green dial and bezel is a pretty nice variation of the classic black dial GMT Master II design. With just a pinch of youthful green color, Rolex has refreshed the whole appearance and style of this all-time classic model. I am travelling all the time and for me it is important to have a watch that displays two different time zones. From all the GMT watches there are, having the Rolex GMT Master II has always been my dream. The problem is that it isn’t easy to save up that kind of money needed for buying the real one. I guess this is the motivation for all people who choose to purchase a replica instead of the original one.


It took a lot of time and research to convince myself that it can be safe to purchase a fake watch online. After some extensive documentation on forums, blogs and other reliable sources, I have decided to take my chances and order a clone Rolex GMT Master II with green dial and bezel. Maybe I was lucky, but I managed to order a pretty fine replica watch. It looks just like the real deal. Furthermore, it keeps pretty good time for both time zones. It doesn’t stop, lose or gain time like other poor automatic mechanism copies. It works perfectly fine.

The outside is also pretty impressive. It has the same look and particularities as the real watch. The dial is replicated without a single flaw. Everything about the hour markers, hour, minutes and seconds hand look identical to the authentic one. Around the inside of the dial there is engraved the Rolex word, a distinctive marking of all Rolex watches. A few people are familiar with the Rolex crown logo stamped on the winding crown. This little crown has a line under it as a symbol of its twin-lock capability. The inside mechanism is protected from water exposure by two rubber seals. This Rolex water protection system is famous and this type of logo is a must for making the watch look authentic.  And indeed, the watch looks and feels very authentic. The weight is also very close to the one of the real model. This is because of its inside automatic mechanism and outside solid stainless steel. The replica feels sturdy and heavy.

Needless to say, I am very content with my replica of the Rolex GMT Master II with green dial and bezel. It looks, feels and works just like the real watch, and I didn’t have to spend a fortune on it.

Author: Adam

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  1. good comparison. I would have the old model with the lagerr lumination, , old bezel, but in ceramic, with the thinner case and the new bracelet completely polished. A bit of a hybrid would have been better. Also keep the GMT hand in red, give a better contrast than the green. I will purchase a GMT II 06 as preferred. Thanks.

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