Rolex GMT Master II

Besides its beautiful outside, the Rolex GMT Master II is one of the most complex watches Rolex has manufactured due to its second time zone function. It was designed for those who travel around the world on a regular basis and need a watch that is able to show time simultaneously for two different time zones.  Nowadays, even though it is one of the most sought after watches in the world, this isn’t just because of its functionality. It is because the GMT Master II is an iconic timepiece and anyone, including me, would love to own one. Now, after many hesitations I finally have my very own Rolex GMT Master II…a replica, that is.

fake GMT II

First of all, although this watch is just a replica you need to know that it is fully functional. It has the famous second time zone function, a working date window and it keeps very good time too. Basically, it does everything a Rolex GMT is supposed to do. Plus, it looks identical to the real thing. The dial doesn’t have a single flaw. The hour markers are in the same style as the original ones, and also have the famous luminescent coating. The Cyclops lens over the date has a 2.5X degree of magnification. Of course, the crystal is made out of sapphire and it is laser etched with the small crown logo. Furthermore, the outer bezel rotates only unidirectional and has the white clear numbers printed on its black coated shiny layer. It looks so good that it could fool any expert.

I got to tell you that this watch is quite heavy and sturdy. Due to its automatic mechanism and full solid stainless steel outside, it feels very robust, just like the original watch does.  The case, winding crown and band are manufactured from durable solid stainless steel. The band doesn’t look flimsy nor feels light. You can tell by the way it dresses your wrist that it is of very good quality. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to look this authentic and I am incredibly happy with the quality I’ve got.

As an overall opinion, I am very glad that I finally had the courage to try out a replica watch. It was definitely worth the investment. For only a couple of bucks I had the chance to purchase my favorite Rolex watch and enjoy a feeling of satisfaction that I don’t get to live every day.

Author: Adam

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