Rolex Submariner Imitation

The Rolex Submariner was originally a diver’s watch. So like any other diver’s watch it has a pretty sportive, casual appearance. Still, a Rolex is a Rolex and it can bend, change or reinvent any fashion and style rule. This being said, it is only obvious why Rolex could pull off adding diamonds on the dial of a divers watch such as the Submariner. And so was born the Rolex Submariner with diamond hour markers. As an overall impression, it looks incredibly good. At least, I am a big fan of this daring design and I have always wanted to own one.


Just look at it! The gold color of the band and case, the champagne dial and the small round diamond hour markers go perfectly together. The whole appearance was carefully thought and designed so that it would result a balanced merge between a sportive spirit and an elegant style. It is the ideal watch for a modern successful man that isn’t afraid to show of a powerful fashion statement accessory. It is clear why I love it, as clear as why I couldn’t afford one: it costs a real fortune.  So instead of spending all my savings on a Rolex watch, I decided that buying a replica of it would be a more practical move. Indeed, it was the best decision possible. For a couple hundred dollars I got myself a beautiful replica of the Rolex Submariner with diamond hour markers. It looks perfect. I honestly cannot tell the difference and nor my uptight friends.

The dial of my fake Submariner has the same texture and color as the real one. Additionally, the diamond markers are made of cubic zirconium- a type of glass that has the same shine and looks as actual diamonds. These beautiful stones are paired up with gold and blue coated indexes that mark the 6, 9 and 12 o’clock hours. The crystal is made out of sapphire and it features the 2.5X Cyclop lens over the date, at 3 o’clock. Everything looks just perfect. And furthermore, the watch works great too. It keeps good time and the date changes just as it does on the real watch: gradually. It doesn’t just switch from a date to the other in a single click like all cheap replicas do.

I love everything about my diamonds Rolex Submariner replica. It is the watch that looks amazing on my wrist when I go out on the town with friends or colleagues or when I’m at a business meeting with important people.

Author: Adam

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  1. Hi James, I’m looking for Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 8 RS. I’m rellay in love with this watch! Could you help me to find a perfect replica ? There is a lot of web site but I dont know which are bad or good…Thx for your answer!

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