Two Tone Blue Submariner Replica

Who doesn’t love the Rolex Submariner? As the years go by, this beautiful design conquers even more glory and appreciation.  It is an outstanding watch that begun its journey as a diver’s watch, but nowadays people who choose to buy it do not consider this as the main reason for acquiring it. They first think of its name and fame, and after this they value its aesthetics and functionality. I have always wanted to wear one. I must admit that diving is not one of my passions and that the reason why I crave for this watch is the perfection of its design. This is why the Rolex Submariner is so appealing to me.

Two Tone Blue Submariner Replica

We have all been there: thinking if buying a replica watch is safe or not. I too had many doubts about this, but when I finally admitted that I would never get to spare so much money as to purchase the real watch, I realized that a fake is my only solution. So I took a risk. After researching the best replica companies and reading tons of reviews I decided to test my money on an imitation watch. Now, I am very glad that I did. This replica is beautiful. It has that nicely polished and stylish look of a real Rolex.  The deep sea blue color of the dial and bezel are amazing. And this remarkable color is so well enhanced by the gold of the minutes indexes and by the white luminescent hour markers. Additionally, the gold writing on the dial and the gold 2.5X magnifying date complete the authentic look of the watch. I was surprised to discover the small Rolex crown laser etched in the crystal at the 6 o’clock position.  This is an authenticity marking that only good replicas have.

I particularly love this two tone Rolex Submariner design due to its gold color accents on the rotating bezel, on the winding crown and on the bracelet. The gold is actually triple wrapped gold plating, but it looks very realistic and it lasts quite well. Even with regular wear, the gold color will last for at least a couple of years. This is pretty good for a replica.  Regarding its functionality, the watch keeps perfect time. It didn’t stop nor lost time while wearing it.

I think that considering the beautiful appearance of this watch, its good time keeping performances and the accuracy in replicating the genuine model, it was definitely worth purchasing it. This being said, I would at any time choose to buy a replica instead of the real one no matter how permissive my budget is.

Author: Adam

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